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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

..kemalangan jiwa..


susa ba kehilangan some1...
tapi sabar ja
pasti ada sebabnya^^

Lord, i have no other words to say and have no idea how to explain the feelings when losing some1 whm we know or love. 
But to say...THANK YOU for the moment we have shared and TQ for the love. 
Your will be done on our life. Amen

to you
you are not fading in my life..
and am not losing you
you are not mine
just let it be
to see your smile
to have a short conversation with you
to make you geram with me
it makes me happy 

i dnt know who is the lucky one to have you
to me watching you happy
it makes me become sot sometimes 

mood : complicated habis

p/s : pingsan la sa ni...

1 comment:

Law said...

siapa baini?sa konpius. hahahahha