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Friday, November 11, 2011

..its a good news eh??..

then it happen
do not worry ba dear
your are not alone

think positive
and every time you need someone
that can make your adrenaline too burst

just let me know
i'll make you become superduper more stressful
like you want to punch me^^v
talk bad about me
babbling but then
realizing that am laughing at you
then you mad
or everything that you want to talk 
d***y words??

whatever la
just let me know ya

you dont have to get the permission to do "them" in my life
because you are part of it

thanks for the call ya

do remember that
even someone walks between us
i know you know
and i want you to know
that i do love and care about you
you know who you are

mood : gud^^

p/s : thumbs up^^

interpret bagus2 ya..
there are lots definition of love 
you know which love you are belong^^

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