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Monday, September 30, 2013


dear friends...
am so sorry for the "ketidakfahaman" situasi
sometimes I just can't figure it out either 
I should not shouldn't

but then.. with the certain situations
It makes me understand and its a sign that
you and me are grown up.

its the reality.

kan... :)


dear friends
if you're felt demotivated...
and u are realize about it
then ACT
you know what to do

you know why it happens
don't let ur passion fade and
makes somebody else going irritated to the max..
(miahahahhaha OMyInglis)

dats all..

mood : neutral

p/s : oooo baru tau
kalu tau awal2 buli juga tulung
tapi kalo tulung
nda dihargai tapi dieksploitasi...
macam jara tau...